Does Kansas Have Any Mountains?

Kansas is one of the states located in the Great Plains region of the United States. Because of that, many people believe that the state is entirely flat. Photos and videos that you see online usually don’t do much to dispel that myth since they often show typical Kansas scenery such as fields going off into the distance or rural farms.

As it turns out, however, the state does have some mountains. It makes sense when you think about it. After all, the western part of the state does share a border with Colorado – home to some of the most spectacular mountains in the world.

Granted, the mountains in Kansas are nowhere near the size and stature of the ones in Colorado. In fact, the tallest mountain in the state, which is Mt. Sunflower, comes in at just over 4000 feet. This is relatively short in terms of mountains. As it turns out, you can’t really even tell by looking at it that it is a mountain.

If you are looking for a mountain that looks a bit more like a traditional peak, Coronado Heights is probably a better fit. Although it is technically a hill rather than a mountain, it does rise up out of the surrounding landscape in a much more prominent way than other mountains in Kansas.

Although the state of Kansas is not completely flat, it doesn’t exactly have towering mountain ranges, either. Instead, it has a few small mountains that add a bit of visual interest to the landscape. It may not be the ideal place for activities like mountain climbing or skiing. However, there are plenty of beautiful features of the state to enjoy.

The rolling plains of the state are often covered with green grass and wildflowers, making them beautiful to behold. There are small hills and rocky outcroppings that create beauty and enchantment, adding unique details to the surrounding landscape.

Like most other states, Kansas does have mountains. They may not be the towering peaks that states like Colorado and Montana have. However, they do have their own unique beauty. If you are going to be traveling to the state, it is well worth paying a visit to Mt. Sunflower so that you can see the highest point in the state. Seeing the mountains in person can give you a much better idea of their overall size and scale in relation to the surrounding countryside.