An Overview Of Kansas

Kansas from the outsider’s perspective may appear on the surface like nothing more than a lot of open space and grasslands. It is far more than that and much more varied if you take the time to learn all about this very special part of the nation.

It is both the breadbasket and a top meat producer for the whole country. They grow plenty of waves of grain, while many ranchers call this their home and their place of work. Kansas City is not only a world-class city, but it is also something of a center piece that showcases all that Kansas residents can do to make the livestock, pork bellies, and meats in general taste delicious. From smoking to dry rub to creating sausages and hot dogs, Kansas is known for its ability to cook.

More than that, it has adapted to the times, by relying on more than just its roots in agriculture to make its future take shape. It may not sound very romantic, but even Salina Kansas stays prosperous enough to devote time and money to the arts through the money it makes as the country’s biggest frozen pizza manufacturer. Yes, you read that right.

Meanwhile, the Kansas River Trails, located in the Eastern portion of the state, running 120 miles west to Kansas City, are longstanding favorites for Kansas natives and tourists alike. It is probably one of the most popular ways to get away and commune within nature without leaving the state.

Leave behind a frantic mindset when you enter a days-long river journey on the longest prairie river around. Take to sailboat, kayak, canoe, or even a pontoon to take in nature all while sailing right through the moving landscape. It’s a peaceful journey that inserts you as a part of the landscape, complete with the biggest sky you have ever seen. The stars are so immense and plentiful it feels like you can reach up and grab them, by the handful.

The breathtaking sunrise and sunsets alone are worth the trip into nature. If you feel more inclined, you can find places to set off from RV parks as well as camping in a tent. Be sure to tie down anything if you will be sleeping on a sand bar so your items do not float away when the water levels rise over night. In addition, be prepared for all kinds of adventures.